Export Leads

You can export your company's leads as a CSV file from the event website or the Zerista Leads app.

To export from the event website:

  • Log in and select your company profile.
    • You can switch to your company's profile, and back again, via the drop down-menu in the upper right (see image below).


  • Next, click the Leads tab.


  •  Then click "Export Leads."


In a few minutes, you will receive an email with an attached CSV file. It will include contact information, notes, and much more.


To export from the Zerista Leads app for iPhone:

 Tap the "share" icon at the top of the Leads page. That's all!



...for Android:

Same thing, different symbol. Tap the "share" icon at the top of the Leads page.


Contact app support for further queries and assistance!

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