Exporting Leads

This post will explain how to export your Leads from the conference that you are attending whilst being logged in as the Exhibitor company.

Exporting your Leads

  • Go to "YourConferenceSite" for example
  • You will be logged in as yourself so from here you will need to click on the name of the Company/Exhibitor that you wish to export leads via the drop down-menu at the upper right:

  • Next click on the Leads tab

  •  Click on Export Leads


You should wait no longer than about 5 minutes and you should receive an email with a CSV file attached with all of your leads.

The file will include contact information, any notes you took, who scanned the lead, what time, and much more.

**PLEASE NOTE - This must be done from the conference website. There is currently no option to do this from the app.

For instructions on how to send your phone database to Zerista if you can not see all of your leads, please click Here.

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