Export Leads

This article will explain how to export your company's leads as a CSV file.

First off:

  • Log in to the conference website.
  • Switch to your company's profile via the drop down-menu in the upper right (see image below).

  • Next, click the Leads tab.


  •  Then click "Export Leads." 


In about 5 minutes, you will receive an email with an attached CSV file. It will include contact information, notes, and much more.

If you would like to export your leads out of the leads app follow the directions below for iPhone or Android: 


On the main screen, you just need to click the box with the upwards arrow at the top of the page and a csv excel report will be sent to the email associated with the profile you are signed in as




Similar to the iPhone, located on the main Leads tab, tap the 3 connected dots at the top and a csv file will be sent to the email associated with the login information 


Click here if you cannot see your leads and need to send us your database for troubleshooting.

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