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Zerista Leads allows your exhibitor/sponsors to collect contact information from attendees while onsite. Your exhibitor/sponsors will install the Zerista Leads app (Links: Android/iPhone) and scan attendees badges onsite. By scanning the attendees badge, it provides that exhibitor/sponsor that attendee's contact information. They can then follow up with the attendee after the show, or put that contact info. into their CRM.

This page is a guide to explain your options to manage the leads on your administrator site.

**NOTE: Leads does have an additional cost to it. If this was not discussed with your salesperson, please reach out to your Client Success Manager to discuss.

To access Leads log into you you admin site by going to:

  • "YourSite"
  • Click on Leads on the lefthand side bar menu.

This will open the settings page by default but you can navigate to the main three pages using the sidebar menu. 


  • Settings:

Zerista will handle the configuration of Leads settings. Please contact your Client Success Manager for questions about activation and settings.

  • Exhibitor:

Here you can give or remove access to leads per company, add contacts, manually add leads, update activation fees, and view activation receipts.

  • Stats & Reports:

This section will give you stats on how many leads were added and how they were added. You can also export activation lists and leads collected.


Now lets go into detail on the Exhibitors and Stats & Reports sections. 


Exhibitor/sponsor contacts:

  • In order for a exhibitor to use the Leads app, they must be assigned as a contact for one of the companies. To do this:
    1. Go to Leads > Exhibitors
    2. Click All (just below exhibitors)
    3. Find the exhibitor/sponsor you want to add a contact to (by searching or using the page numbers at the bottom)
    4. Click on the actual number in the Contacts column
    5. Type in a name in the "Add a user by name:" textbox (if that name does not pop up automatically then they need to be added as an exhibitor. Click here to see how)
    6. Click Add
  • You will also see that there are different roles when adding a contact. If you add someone as an Editor that attendee will be able to make changes to the companies profile. But that person will not be listed in the Exhibitors page in the app and website. This is useful if a marketing person wants to be in charge of edits, but they will not actually be at the conference. The rest of the roles are not currently used.


Exhibitor/sponsor leads access level:

  • There are three levels of leads access:
    • Basic - This is the un-activated level (the default). Exhibitors will not have access to the leads app at this level
    • Standard - This allows exhibitors to access the leads app and scan attendee badges. But their is a limit. They will only receive the contact information for the first 10 attendees they scan. They can continue to scan more badges and the system will store the info. They can upgrade to Premium to get the rest of those attendees' info.
    • Premium - This is the full leads access. Exhibitors will be allowed to scan as many badges as they want and get all of the contact information

**Work with your Client Success manager to decide on what will work best for your event.

  • If you need to change the access level of a company:
    1. Go to Leads > Exhibitors
    2. Click on the exhibitors current level (Basic, Standard, or Premium)
    3. Check the box next to their name. You can also select all by clicking the box next to Name. If you have more then one page, also click the select all box as well.
    4. Click on the appropriate "Make XXX" box
      (Make Basic, Make Standard, Make premium)


Note: Android users can switch to the conference app from the leads app by clicking the arrow at the top of the screen and selecting their user profile instead of their company profile. Android users also have the ability to push their leads to the server if they see them on their phone but not their online account. 

Change activation fee:

  • The Activation Fee is an option that should be discussed with you Client Success Manager before changing. The option allows you to different prices depending on the exhibitor/sponsor. An example would be if you want leads to be free to Diamond and Gold sponsors, but Silver and Bronze sponsors should pay a fee.


Save leads activation receipt:

  • When an exhibitor/sponsor pays the activation fee, they are emailed a copy of the receipt. If this gets lost or they need another copy the "View Receipt" option will show the payment information so you can forward it.


  • This is found under:
    1. Leads > Exhibitors
    2. Click on the All option
    3. Find the exhibitor/sponsor you want (by searching or using the page numbers at the bottom)
    4. Click on the "View Receipt"
    5. Click "Email Receipt to Exhibitor"


Manually adding a lead to a exhibitor/sponsor:

  • While onsite their may be an exhibitor that is missing some leads for various reasons (logged into wrong conference, phone was offline, phone camera isnt working, etc.). In cases like that you can manually add leads for the exhibitor sponsor.


  • To manually add a lead:
    1. Go to Leads > Exhibitors
    2. Click on the All option
    3. Find the exhibitor/sponsor you want (by searching or using the page numbers at the bottom)
    4. Click on the actual number in the "Leads" column
    5. Type in a name in the "Add a user by name:" textbox (if that name does not pop up automatically then they need to be added as an exhibitor. Click here to see how)
    6. Repeat if needed.

Stats & Reports

  • Stats - In this section you will see a number of stats:
    • Add - This is a lead generated by an attendee's own action. If an attendee goes to the conference website (or app), and hits the "Add +" next to an exhibitor/sponsor to add them to the attendee's list of Favorites. By doing this the attendee is showing interest in the exhibitor/sponsor, therefor the attendee is adding themself as a lead.
    • Add (Qrcode) - Another attendee action creates this lead. If an attendee scans exhibitor/sponsors QR code. An example would be if the exhibitor/sponsor posts their QR code on their booth banners, and an attendee scans that QR code. This is often used in conjunction with our Gamification.
    • Add Lead - This is a lead generated by the exhibitor/sponsor manually adding an attendee by email in the Leads App. Perhaps the attendee is in a rush and just handed the exhibitor a card. The exhibitor can then add the attendee manually so they do not need to hold onto the card.
    • Add Lead (Qrcode) - This stat is when an exhibitor/sponsor has scanned the attendee's badge. This will almost always be the highest stat.
  • Reports - This section gives you two different reports to review.
    • Export Activations - This report shows what exhibitor/sponsors have activated leads, how much they payed, specifically who activated leads, and when they activated.
    • Export Leads - This will give you a list of ALL leads that were generated for the event. Goes into great detail as to who scanned, what time, all the attendees contact information, and much more.
      • The exhibitor/sponsor can also export their leads on their own. See instructions HERE.

Promotional Materials and a Leads help guide is also attached if you would like to share at the event.

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