Add Attendees to a Session

If you need to add an attendee or multiple attendees to a session but do not want to do a data import, you are in luck, there is a way! Here are the steps:

  1. Log into the admin.
  2. Go to the Agenda or Sessions tab.
  3. Click on the session that you want to add attendees to.


4. In the menu top left, click on Attendees.




  1. You will now see all of the attendees currently assigned to this session.
  2. You can remove attendees by selecting them and clicking Remove.


3. You can add individual attendees by email in the Add Delegates by Email field at the bottom of the page (delimit multiple entries by comma).

4. You can also add attendees by membership type. This will add ALL attendees of a specified membership type to the session.


5. Click Add once ready. You should now see the new attendees listed. 

6. Use the search bar at top of page if you are looking to find a particular user and if they are attending a session.

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