Upload Meetings - Error: "EMAIL could not be found in conference"

Problem: After uploading meetings via .csv file, the errors.csv file shows an error of "EMAIL_ADDRESS could not be found in conference" 


Cause: This will occur if the Confirmed or Pending Email fields have multiple emails separated by a comma. The system assumes that it is a single long email address. 

Example: [email protected],[email protected],[email protected]


Solution: Confirmed/Pending emails must be separated by a semicolon (;). All other upload files (Attendees, Sessions, Exhibitor/Sponsors) use a comma to separate. On meetings we must use a semicolon because it is possible to meet with an exhibitor and attendees.

Example: [email protected];[email protected];Exhibitor, Inc.

In the above example our system would not recognize "Exhibitor, Inc." as a single company if we used a comma to separate. So that is why a semicolon must be used





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