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We offer the ability to link to any 3rd party survey or poll. Start by creating your survey or poll in that 3rd party site and then use the steps below to load the survey into your app and assign it to its appropriate session (if applicable). 

Loading the survey into your admin portal

  • Start by going to the engage tab in your admin portal
  • Click on the Surveys tab
  • Click Create
  • Choose a Survey Provider - Conference i/o, Survey Gizmo or Other.


  • Select what type of survey this is within the Zerista System from the "Type" drop-down menu:
    • Conference - Conference survey's are surveys for the overall event. 
    • Event - Event survey's are individual session surveys that are attached to sessions
    • Meeting - Meeting survey's are surveys that are attached to meetings between users at the event. 

Please note that the meeting survey will be required on all meetings and lock the website and app until completed.

**At this time ONLY Survey Gizmo surveys are supported for this functionality as we only have an API connection to this survey provider. Using any other provider can cause the user to be unable to use the website/app normally as survey completion is not tracked. Survey Gizmo does not support all survey types, so speak to your Zerista representative to acquire a list of approved ones.


  • Give your survey a title
  • Paste in the survey URL (Link URL)
  • Add what you want the Survey Link to say (Link Text)
  • Click Create once all of your fields are set
  • Repeat this for any additional surveys you have
  • Upon creating the survey you cannot change the type so make sure all your details are correct before hitting save as you will need to delete and recreate if not
  • Now that the surveys are set, we can distribute them to your audience in a few different ways:
  • We can add it to a custom page - example: 




  • We can attach it to a specific session - example:


  • We can send it out as a broadcast message - example:


Click here to learn how to add custom pages to your app or website

Click here to learn how to attach your survey to a session

Click here to learn how to send a Broadcast Message

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