Templates - Test Template (Send A Test Email)

Before invitations are sent, we test our email templates to ensure they look and behave as expected.

To test any email template, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your website and access the admin.
  2. Open Engage>Templates
  3. Open the desired template
  4. Test Template tab.
  5. Select the tester's name in the "To" dropdown menu*
  6. Scroll down and hit Send

If all goes well, the selected tester should receive the email in their inbox. If it does not arrive, please notify your Zerista project manager.

*Note: the individuals available in the dropdown list for testing emails are all those with admin access or membership type "Moderator".

**Note: Adding custom HTML to your templates may cause them to not appear in the preview correctly.  We advise testing all emails and sending to your inbox for the true user experience

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