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To notify your attendees that they can view the Conference App and Website, Zerista sends out an Invitation email. Working with your Zerista Project Manager, they can help you customize this email to fit your conference.

Here is the Default Email Template that will go out if we make no changes. Please note that Icon, Conference Name, and Person's name will automatically change to display your Name and Conference Logos/Names.

If you would like to receive the actual email follow these steps to have one sent to you:

  1. Engage Tab
  2. Templates Tab
  3. Select Conference_Invite_Member (or whatever template you would like to see)
  4. Test Template Tab (below Templates you clicked before)
  5. Select your name in the To: dropdown
  6. Scroll down and hit Send

You can use this to verify all requested changes have been made, see how it looks on phone vs computer/laptop, and to test the onboarding process by clicking the "Accept My Invitation" button.


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