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Sometimes an attendee will say that they want to change the email on their profile. For example, we have their work email in the system, but they have their personal phone (w/ their personal email) at the conference or maybe their account has their name misspelled. To change this:

  1. Login to admin
  2. Click on the Attendees tab on the leftScreen_Shot_2017-07-14_at_11.24.18_AM.png
  3. Find the attendee you wish to update
  4. Click on the blue Actions box all the way to the right of their nameScreen_Shot_2017-07-14_at_11.33.57_AM.png
  5. Click on Edit AccountScreen_Shot_2017-07-14_at_11.34.04_AM.png
  6. Update the user’s name and/or email address
  7. Make sure you click Save, or changes will go away! 


**Note: If you get an error saying this email/name already exists in the system then you just need to add them to the conference. Click here to learn how.

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