Create An Attendee - Overview

While onsite at the event you my have some attendees slip through the cracks and find they are not in the system. Adding them into the system is easy:

  1. Login to admin
  2. Click the Attendees tab in the main menu on the left
  3. Click the Create tab at the top
  4. Fill in first name, last name, email address (all required)
  5. In membership drop-down choose Member (Attendee), Exhibitor, Speaker, or Visitor
  6. Click the check-box next to “Invite new users?” to have an invite sent out automatically to the newly added users once they’ve been added successfully
  7. Click Create


  • If you get an error after attempting to add a new user, the error will specify who the email address listed for the new user is currently associated to.
  • If the name appears to be completely different than you will need to tell the user that so and so is already using that email address and that they will need to provide you with a unique email address in order to be added to the system.
  • If the name appears to be similar (ex. Email is currently associated with John Smith and the user you attempted to add has a first and last name of Jonathan Smith) then repeat the same steps to create a new user, but use the name currently associated with the email address.
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