Send an Invite or Reminder

Through the Zerista Admin we are able to send out email invitations/reminders to inform the attendees to setup their account and download the app.

Quick explanation of Invite vs Reminder:

  • An Invite is the initial communication sent out to your attendees. This email welcomes them to the event, then gives a quick overview of what features the app will provide. An invite will only be sent once.
  • A Reminder is a followup communication to users who did not respond to the initial invite. This email looks exactly the same as the invite, but the subject says Reminder. This can be sent multiple times.

These emails can be edited and customized to some extend. Contact your Zerista Project Manager for help with this.


To Send Invites/Reminders:

  1. Login to admin
  2. Click on the Attendees tab in the main menu on the left
  3. Click into a membership type (Exhibitors, Members, or Speakers)
  4. Click the check-box to the left ID at the top of all of the users in this section
  5. If there are more than 20 users on this page another check-box will appear that says "You've selected the 20 users on this page would you like to select all?", click this check-box
  6. Click the blue Invite (or Remind) button at the top below the alphabet and search field
  7. Repeat for the other membership types

**Few things to note:

  1. Although it appears when you select the top check-box that you are going to be sending invites/reminders to everyone in the membership type, the system is smart enough to know who has already activated their account and will not send another invite/reminder to these users
  2. Each user can only receive one invite. So although it appears when you select the top check-box that you are going to be sending invites to all users, the system will not send another invite to those who have already received one
  3. Each user can only receive one invite/reminder every 48 hours. So if you sent an invite today you would not be able to send a reminder to the same user until Friday. And again although it will look like you're going to be sending invites/reminders to all users when select the top check-box the system won’t send anything to those who have received an invite or reminder less than 48 hours ago.
  4. Emails batch in groups of 2000. Example: If your member type has 5000 users you will need to perform the invite process 3 times for that reg type group.  You do not have wait to queue up the 3 jobs as they will serialize and get into the email server queue.  This is done to ensure email jobs do not get to big for the system to handle.
  5. Once your emails complete sending the all the users status' will be updated.  They do no display invited or reminded until the entire batch has processed.


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