Send an Invitation or Reminder

The Zerista platform allows organizers to send out custom email invitations and reminders to attendees, once a website and app are ready for use. Email templates differ, appropriately, depending on member-type.

Invitation vs Reminder:

  • An Invitation email is used to welcome new users to the event. It should provide an overview of the app's features, and it should contain the necessary activation links so that users can log in and start using the platform.
  • A Reminder is a followup communication for users that did not respond to the initial invite. Virtually identical to the initial invitation. This can be sent multiple times.

Reach out to your Project Manager for tips on customizing your email templates!

To Send Invitations/Reminders:

  1. Log in to the Zerista website and access the admin
  2. Open the Attendees tab
  3. Click a membership-type (Exhibitors, Members, or Speakers)
  4. Click the check-box next to individual users, or click the check-box at the top of the column to select all users on the page. If there are more than 50 users on this page, another check-box will appear that says "You've selected the 50 users on this page would you like to select all?;" click this check-box to select all users of that member-type.
  5. Click the Invite or Remind buttons, located near the top of the table, below the search field. You must send Invites before you can send Reminders.
  6. Repeat for the other membership types. 



**Few things to note:

  1. Although it appears when you select the top check-box that you are going to be sending invitations/reminders to everyone in the membership type, the system will recognize any activated accounts, and will not send invitations/reminders to these users.
  2. Each user can only receive one invitation. Even if selected, the system will not send another invite to those who have already received one.
  3. Each user can only receive new reminders every 48 hours, including after the initial invitation.
  4. Emails batch in groups of 2000. Example: If your member-type has 5000 users you will need to perform the invite process 3 times for that group.  You do not have wait to queue up the 3 jobs as they will serialize and get into the email server queue.  This is done to ensure email jobs do not get too big for the system to handle.
  5. Once users have been invited or reminded, their status will be updated appropriately on the attendee listing in admin. They do no display invited or reminded until the entire batch has processed.


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