Hosting Your Images/Pictures

When importing attendees/sessions/exhibitors the photos that are assigned to these individuals must be hosted on an external website. You can also use these sites to create photo albums, and we could share them on our app.

There are may different websites out there to upload your photos, but here are the two most popular:


Imgur -

Free. Has simple to use interface.

To get links for your images:

  • Create account or Sign In
  • Click the "Upload Images" at the top
  • upload all images in the order they appear in your upload file
  • Hover over your name in upper right
  • Click Images
  • Click on 4th drop down labeled "View Image Info"
  • Select "Generate Image Links"
  • Click and drag mouse over ALL images
  • Click Done
  • Click 2nd drop down labeled "Link (email & IM)"
  • Select "Direct Link (email & IM)"
  • Copy the links
  • Paste into your upload file


Flickr -

Free and owned by Yahoo! If you already have a Yahoo! account you are ready to go!

To get links for your images:

  • Create account or Sign In
  • Click Upload at the top
  • Upload all your images
  • Click on a photo
  • Hit the arrow pointing right (in lower right corner)
  • Copy URL
  • Paste into your upload file
  • Repeat for all images


Other Options - 

-Amazon Prime Photo - Requires Amazon Prime, but allows unlimited storage space.

-Hosted on your website - Your IT may be able to host images on your website.

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