Series Getting Started Guide

The Series Getting Started Guide will help us gather all required information that will allow us to build your app. (**Note: The Getting Started Guide is also available here. Talk with your Zerista Project Manager or Sales Rep if you are unsure which is right for you)

Sales can help you decide if a Series app is for you. A series app will allow you to have one app, once opened will then allow you to select from multiple events. Since the app supports multiple events we do not need as many graphics compared to a first time event.

Click here to see a blank version of the getting started guide.

Once sales has contacted you with a login to complete the Getting Stared Guide go to to login.

The following are the required information we need in order to submit an app to Apple/Google:

  • Office Name of the Event
  • Short Name of Event
    **Used for URL of your event,
  • App Home screen Name
    (Name shown below app icon on your phone's home screen)
    **Must be 11 characters or less
  • App Name
    (Once app is open, name to display at top)
    ** must be 30 characters or less 
  • Event/Company Website
  • Registration Website
  • Conference Start and End Dates
  • City/State/County of the Conference Venue
  • Main Contact's Name/Phone/Email
  • Graphics (sizes in pixels)
    • Website Banner - 1000x200
    • Email Banner - 580x116
    • App Portrait Banner - 1536x288
    • App Landscape Banner - 2008x200
    • Event Square - 1024x1024 
  • Keywords
    **Words your users should use to find your app
  • Privacy Preference
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