Graphic Sizes

These are all the graphic sizes used for the app and website.

A few words of warning. Apple is very particular on graphics required for the apps. There are a few things that will cause Apple reject your app:

  • You must submit the EXACT sizes listed below. Apple will reject them even if they are 1 pixel off.
  • Images must be .PNG files. No transparency layers can be submitted.
  • The splashscreens must be similar in design to all other splashscreens. All squares must be similar in design to other squares. Apple wants consistency in the theme of all of the graphics.
  • Images should not have a border around the graphics


Conference Listing - used for icon in a conference listing view:

  • 300x300 


Squares - used for app icons:

  • 1024x1024
  • 1024x500 (For Android Appstore)
  • 180x180
  • 80x80



  • 580x116 - Email banner
  • 1000x200 - Website banner
  • 1536x288 - App Portrait banner (used when phone is held in portrait orientation)
  • 2008x200 - App Landscape banner (used when phone is held in landscape orientation)


Splashscreen - Used when app is loading. There are a lot of different sizes. But ALL sizes needed to cover all different types of phone screen sizes:

  • 1242x2208
  • 2208x1242
  • 2732x2048
  • 2048x2732
  • 960x1600
  • 1600x960
  • 1125x2436

**Splash Screen note: Bottom 130 px must be a solidish color to allow for system text overlays (see the red box outlining the text "Loading Conference" above)


Splash Screen



Sponsorship/Advert Graphics


We have a full help center article highlighting there options here:

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