How to fill in your Getting Started Guide

The first step to every project with Zerista is for you (the event organizer) to fill in the Getting Started Guide, which is an online survey that gives us everything we need to start building your website and submitting your app for approval to iTunes and Google Play. 

This survey asks for basic info about your event and, most importantly, graphics for both the website and app. At a bare minimum, we need all of the required images listed in your survey and the app name, description, and keywords to really get going. The rest can be filled in later, as we get more info. Having the required images lets us get the app into Apple's queue for review, which can take up to 2 weeks for approval. 

Please note: all image files should be loaded as .PNG files and without a transparent background. This allows us to process the images quickly and easily with iTunes. 

Here is a short video with more info on how to fill in the GSG

For more info on the fields in the standard GSG, click here

For more info on the fields in the series GSG, click here

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