App Download Link / URL

To give your attendees easy access to the app, you can provide the following URL, just replace <SHORTNAME> with your site's shortname:


If you are unsure what the website's <SHORTNAME> is, please reach out to your Zerista Project Manager.

This URL will recognize the type of device you are on and direct you to the correct location

  • If you are on your laptop or desktop computer, the URL will take you to a page where you can select the website, Apple App Store, or Android GooglePlay store.
  • If you are on an iOS device, the link will take you to the direct listing for your app in the Apple App Store.
  • If you are on an Android device, the link will take you to the direct listing for your app in the Android GooglePlay Store

Another option is to print off QR codes. One popular idea is to take the QR code below and print it onto a small page that is displayed at registration. As attendees are registering, the staff can just mention there is an app available and to just scan the QR code to download it.



Pre-conference website app download

In your Zerista admin you can add an app download widget to your home page website setup 

  • Login to Zerista admin
  • Click Appearance>UI Sections
  • From the drop down select 'home'
  • See the option 'App Download Links'
  • Customize the parameters and body that displays against the widget
Note: If the widget does not exist you can create it clicking the plus sign (+) and choosing the type of 'app links'



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