Mapping Tips

Uploading a Map

You will either be uploading a Venue or an Exhibitor Map, or a Poster Map. A Venue map is a map of your hotel, registration, agenda /meeting rooms, restaurants, etc. The Exhibitor map will be a map of your exhibitor hall, these locations will either be booths or stands. A Poster Map will provide the locations of the maps at the event. Before uploading, make sure your map is a pdf file, and is cropped to your specifications.

1. In admin choose "Maps," on the left hand side. 

2. "Add event map," (or exhibitor map,) from there you will fill in your desired name for the map.

3. "Choose file," to upload.

4. A lastly you are going to change the "zoom level," to 3. This ensures when editing, that you are able to see the locations clearly. 

5 icons top to bottom

1. Draw shape - each click is a point, double clicking will create a point that will auto connect to first point.
2. Draw square - First click is one corner, second click is opposite.
3. Drop Marker – A pin. Often used to show local eateries etc.
4. Edit – can drag around points on shapes. MUST HIT SAVE WHEN DONE.
5. Delete – delete shape. MUST HIT SAVE WHEN DONE.

-Careful when dragging over the top of other shapes. If you click on the exact corner of another it will not work.
-If overlapping boxes, do the smallest ones first. If you do the largest box first, and have to delete one of the ones below, you will not be able to select it.
-If the location is linked correctly in admin, but does not show on the front end map. Create ticket for the Devs. They have to reset the map cache.

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