Ads and Sponsorship Opportunities

You can sell advertisement placement to your event sponsors on the Zerista platform. Below we will highlight some options on how and where you can display these advertisement campaigns. 

Targeted Marketing 

You can choose to present the advertisements to a specific group within your event. You can also restrict the viewing of the advertisement to a specific registration type. For example, you can show the advertisement to your attendees, but keep it hidden from your speakers. 

Timed Advertisement

You can also configure the timing of the advertisements. As an example, if you want to display the Day 1 Keynote advertisement, you can do that until the session starts. Then, you can hide that ad and make room for another advertisement to show. 

Pricing for these adverts is completely up to you. 

Website Advertisement Examples: 

Secondary Banner 

Consider adding a secondary banner below your conference banner. It can be a single banner or multiple banners that rotate. You can put different banners on different tabs as well. We could put one banner on the homepage, but a different banner on the Sponsor tab.

These banners are clickable so you can set them up to point to a specific URL. Consider the sponsor's profile page within Zerista or an external website.

*Note - website MUST be a secure site beginning with HTTPS://

  •  1000 x 75 pixels



Sidebar advertisement

Another option is to have sponsors clustered together in the sidebar of the website. 

When the banner is clicked it can take you to the sponsor's profile page, or to an external website. *Note - website MUST be a secure site HTTPS://

Required Size

  • 300 x 300 pixels  (up to 300 x 700 pixels)



Session Icons 

These icons make the sessions pop out compared to the other sessions in your agenda. 

Required Size:

  • 300 x 300 pixels


Interstitial Advert

An interstitial advert is a popup that will show when you navigate to the website. Users must exit out of the interstitial ad before continuing to browse the site.

  • 500 x 500




Welcome Banner

This advert can be used to highlight the app itself.

  • 1000 x 100 (height can be anywhere from 100 to 250 px)



App Advertisement Examples:

Splashscreen advert 

Splashscreens show when the app is first opened or reopened. These allow for large images to really promote the sponsor as EVERYONE will see them in order to access the app. It is important to note with these is that the splashscreens MUST go through Apple approval. This can take 1-3 weeks depending on Apple's current workload, so splashscreens cannot be swapped quickly and do require that a new app build is available. Be sure these are the first adverts that you finalize. Also this is the only banner that requires multiple sizes.

If you have a Series App that contains multiple events, we have additional capabilities to show a second splashscreen. Ask your Zerista project manager for details.

Required Sizes for the banner: 

  • 1242x2208
  • 1242x2688
  • 2732x2048
  • 2048x2732
  • 960x1600
  • 1600x960


Secondary Banner

Again similar to the second website banner. This keeps your event branding at the top, then adds a second banner.  This banner can be placed in between other UI sections if there is a place on the home page of the app that makes more sense for the placement of an additional banner.  Note that while we can place a banner at the bottom of the app, above the navigation bar, if there is a posting section, this banner won't show unless the user scrolls through all posts.  Please speak to your project manager about where to best place these on your app's home screen.

When the banner is clicked it can take you to the sponsor's profile page, or to an external website. 

*Note - website MUST be a secure site beginning with HTTPS://

Required Sizes for the banner: 

  • 1536 x 288
  • 2008 x 200 (required for when phone is in landscape position)



Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts are similar to what you may see while scrolling through social media. As you scroll through the chatter section of the app and website, we can slip in sponsored posts that highlight a company or event.

  • 800x800



Sponsored Posts show within the Social Feed and the frequency at which they show is determined by the number of other posts.  It's however many posts you have divided by the number of sponsored posts. If there are only 1 sponsored post and 2 real posts, then it’s 1 every 2, and so on...if a 3rd real post appears the sponsored post is showing every 3rd and if a 4th real post appears, the sponsored post is now showing every 4th post. So as that the number of posts grows the 1 sponsored post will only appear every 20.  If there only 1 sponsored post it will display at the top of the feed (as long as there is at least 1 other post there). It's when there are multiple sponsored posts that it adheres to the posting frequency. 

You'll need to gather an image, link, and text for the link (recommended length is 30 characters, max is 140 characters).  




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