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If you have created surveys for your app, one option for distributing that survey to your attendees is to attach it to the session that users are providing feedback for. Here are the steps for attaching your survey to a session. 

Please note: the first part of this process is loading your survey into your admin portal. For more info on this, please click here

  1. Go to your admin portal, to the Engage tab.
  2. Make sure you are in the Surveys sub-tab.
  3. Click on the Agenda tab.
  4. Select the survey you want to assign from the drop down provided
  5. Select the session(s) that you are going to assign the survey to by checking the box next to the session name
  6. Click the Assign button
  7. If successful, you will see the survey name in the Survey column next to the session it was assigned to. 
  8. Repeat for all surveys that need to be assigned. 

Notes:  You may change the name of the survey using the terminology page (go to Admin> Settings> Terminology).  You may also require that a session survey be taken after the session is over by going to the session in question via the Agenda tab in the Zerista Admin. Click on the session you'd like to edit to open the individual session edit page. On the right hand side you'll see a drop-down menu to select which survey to attach to the session. Just below this is a check box to toggle that the survey be required. 

Once you assign your surveys, you will be able to access them by going to the Session page in the app or website. Once you get to the specific page for that session, you will see the survey link that you can click to provide feedback! 

Please note: If using Survey Gizmo for your session surveys you'll want to speak with Zerista representative about having the "My Surveys" tab added to your site/app. This will allow users to see all of their session surveys in one easy to manage page. 

Note: There are three types of surveys: Conference, Event, and Meeting. Conference surveys are surveys for the overall event. Event surveys are surveys that are attached to the sessions. Meeting surveys are surveys that will get attached to meetings. 

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