Page Content - Creating Custom Content Pages

Administrators and moderators can create custom pages for Zerista websites and apps. They can contain any content that our standard pages do not provide.

 To create a custom content page:

  1. Log into your admin portal (<yoursitename>
  2. Click Page Content
  3. Click Add Page
  4. Add the Title
  5. Add Content

    NOTE: You can edit or input HTML code via the "Source code" button, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of HTML if you are to edit utilizing this functionality, Zerista can provide basic assistance only.

  6. Click Save Page


Common examples of custom pages include:

NOTE: In order for the page(s) you've created to show on the Desktop/App you will need to let your Project Manager know so that he/she can activate the page(s) and add them live.


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