Gimbal Beacons

Gimbal Beacons can be integrated with your app. Beacons will send push notifications to users once they walk in range of the beacon at your event.

Overview and In App Examples

How to Create a Gimbal Account:

The first step the client will need to setup and verify a Gimbal account: (then select "Register")

Once completed, the client will send their account details to their Project Manager. Zerista will take this information, update the clients app, then resubmit to Apple for re-approval. The sooner we get this information the faster we can get re-approval.

NOTE: Beacons can only be used with a clients app and not with the YourEvent app. Please confirm that the client has their own developer license if beacons have been bought.  

Beacon Use Cases: 

  • When you arrive in the city send a notification to users for transport instruction
  • When you arrive at the venue send a welcome notification
  • When you depart a session send a notification with a link to the collateral on the session
  • After you have stay in an exhibitor booth for 10 minutes send a notification to a survey for contact follow up When you get close to the mobile help person roaming around the event get an alert

Gimbal Documentation:

Watch our Gimbal Beacon video for step by step set-up instructions!

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