Attendees List - Remove user

In case you need to remove a user from the site, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Login to admin
  2. Click on the Attendees tab in the main menu on the left


3. Search for the user by their name or email address

4. Tick the check-box to the left of their name


5. Click Remove at the top of the list


*Note: If you're using integration for pulling in users, and the integration is still running, the integration file will overrun changes made in ther admin. That means if you delete a user in the admin but they're still listed in the integration file, they will be pulled back into the system during the next integration sync.

**Note: If that user is an exhibitor contact, or a speaker, you will be prompted to remove them from the company profile or session. Just click OK to remove the user from the company/session and the system.

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