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Changing membership type will have an attendee displaying in different places in the app.

Speaker - If you make an attendee a speaker, then you can assign them to a session. They will show in the Speaker section of the app and website.

Exhibitor - If you make an attendee an exhibitor, then you can assign them as an Exhibitor contact (Sponsor contact). They will show under that Exhibitor (or Sponsor) as a contact.

Moderator - If you make an attendee a moderator, they will be able to log into the administrator functions of your website. **Note: If you are changing a moderator to a speaker or exhibitor, you must assign them as a Member first. Then change them to an exhibitor or speaker.

To change someone's membership type, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to admin.
  2. Click on the Attendees tab in the main menu on the left.
  3. Search for the user by their name or email address. The user’s current membership is displayed under their name.
  4. Tick the check-box to the left of the user's name.
  5. Click Change Membership above the list of attendees and select the membership type that you want to change the user to from the drop-down menu.


After the system processes your request, you'll see a confirmation that the user's membership type has changed successfully. 

You can change the membership type of multiple users at once by ticking their check-boxes as seen in step 4. However, you can only select one membership type at a time, so all selected users will change to the same type that you select from the Change Membership drop-down menu. 

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