Zerista API Information

The Zerista API provides programmatic access to Zerista’s functionality. Zerista’s functionality currently falls into the following broad categories:

  • Networking – Attendee profiles, attendee-to-attendee messaging, contacts lists, conference forums
  • Events – Descriptions, start/end times, speakers, ratings, presentation materials, audio/visual integration and attendees
  • Scheduling – Personal schedules, meet-ups, calendar integration, itineraries
  • Exhibitors – Profiles, attendee contact tools, demo schedules, exhibition hall maps
  • Mapping – Venue maps, exhibitor maps, attendee maps, trade show maps, local guides
  • Administration – Allow event organizers to manage attendees, events, exhibitions and communications with all stake holders.


More API and integration information can be found here:

 **Note extra links on right for additional details

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