Google Maps Integration - Local Guide

Do you want to provide your attendees with information on local entertainment, hotels, dining, etc?

Click here to see an example of how we integrate a Google Map!

If you look in the upper left there is a Menu:



Once opened you can see you create different categories. Items can be sorted how ever you see fit. Categories can be anything you want them to be called:



The map will also show in the app:




Google Map Setup


  • Start by going to
  • Login to your google account.  If you don't have one create one.
  • Click on the 3 stacked lines in the search bar


  • Click on Your Places
  • Click Maps
  • Click Create (at the bottom)


  • Click the top "Untitled Map", then give the map a title/description
  • Click the "Untitled Layer", then give the category a name
  • Start by searching for a location
  • Click on the pin then click "Add to Map"
  • Now you can customize the color and icon. Click the paint bucket next to the name of the location (**Note: you have to hover over the name for it to show)

  • Now you can select from a list of colors and icons. More Icons has a huge list to choose from

  • You can also edit the contents of the location. Click on one of the pins, then the pencil icon

  • From here you can add a description, remove the google details, or click the camera in the lower right to add a photo
  • Repeat this process until you have all the items you want in that category
  • If you want another category click the "Add Layer" button

  • Then repeat the process to rename the category, and add more locations.
  • Once you have the map all set click "Share"
  • Under "Who has Access" click "Change" and set the map to "On - Public..."
  • Just to the right of Share click the 3 dots, then click on "Embed on my site"

  • This will give you an URL/web address
  • Copy the URL and send it to your Zerista project manager. We will embed the map into your site and app!

NOTE: This map option has to be setup using a custom page and will not appear on the system maps page. Speak to your Zerista PM once you are ready to implement.


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