Generic Zerista Project Plan

This outlines the basic plan our Project Managers will walk you through. This timeline ensures we will have enough time to train you to use your Zerista app to it's fullest potential.

This timeline will be customized to you based on time constraints and additional features you may add.

  Zerista 12 week Project plan
12 Weeks Out Client is provided link from Zerista Account Manager to access the site admin. Client will add event details and graphics by working through Start-up tabs, followed by other Launch Pad tasks.
11 Weeks Out Client and Zerista Project Manager kickoff project, review graphics, theme and move forward with app submission. Site permissions.
  Review integration mapping doc, client fills out
10 Weeks Out Client continues to work on Launch Pad tasks, gathers data or provides integration details.
  Training/tech call 1 - review basics of navigating admin and front end, data templates, sponsorships, gaming overview, add-on features (leads, surveys, polling, white-label). Onsite marketing materials
8 Weeks Out Integration mapping doc complete, begin work on integration
7 Weeks Out Training/tech call 2 - review exhibitor process, troubleshooting data in the system, custom pages, testing of the site, linking social, review invite templates and process, broadcast messages
6 Weeks Out Client adds final data to site, proofs information, finalizes game set-up. If there is an integration target integration completion date update.
5 Weeks Out Training/tech call 3 - Review Site - are exhibitors linked to companies, gaming set-up and testing, testing feedback, app and desktop navigation.
4 Weeks Out Integration Complete
3 Weeks Out Client invites internal users to site for feedback/review (eg staff)
  Client provides feedback in writing to Project Manager to review on final call.
  Training/tech call 4 (Final Call) - Review onsite admin functions and onboarding, review broadcast message functionality, surveys, gaming/leaderboard questions
2 Week Out Client invites users to site. Project Manager will provide insight on target launch date on kickoff call, but our typical target launch is 2 weeks prior to event date.
1 Week Out Client sends email reminders
Event Don’t forget to think ahead! How are you promoting the app at the event? Where do they go for support?
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