Minimum Requirements

Web Browser:

  • Internet Explorer 11 or higher for the website.  We do not support the Zerista Admin on IE
  • Firefox - Newest version
  • Chrome - Newest version
  • Safari - Newest version

Phone Requirements:

  • Android 5.0 or newer - can be a phone or tablet.
  • iOS 10 or greater - can be a phone or tablet.
Blackberry, Amazon phones, and Windows phones do not have a specific app available. For these devices you can go directly to the conference website. This will open a mobile version that works very similar to the app.
Event Wifi Requirements: (Info for Event Moderators)
  • It is recommended that the event WiFi will support 1.5 times the amount of people at the event.
  • A number of people will likely be connecting multiple devices. A phone and a tablet for example.
  • Be sure to check with venue staff for their input and suggestions.


Frequently Asked Questions: (Info for Event Moderators)

  1. Are you going to be announcing attendees to download the app all at once?
    • No people will have it downloaded and new users will be downloading throughout the course of the event.
  2. Is the app designed to work as a self-contained app? If so, what is the size of the app?
    • The app is ~13MB to download. The can vary depending on customizations made for your event (which are very rare) and your graphics sizes.
  3. Will the app be making constant request to a host site? If so, how much data (in kbps) does each request need to receive?
    • Upon install the app downloads data which is a 1MB file but is gziped for transmission and is about 100KBs.
  4. Is the app a published app, is it hosted at your company server?
    • It has to be downloaded from Apple's servers using iTunesConnect. Or Google's servers using GooglePlay.
  5. How long does it take to download the app on a 1Mpbs pipe?
    • 1 user
      (13*8/1) = 104 seconds
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