Set a Default Password

If utilized, the default password needs to be set before user accounts are loaded into the site. The default password field is located in Settings>Conference in the admin of the Zerista website.

Once the default password is set, new users will be able to log in by entering their email address on the Sign In page, clicking "I know my password" on the following "You're New" page, and entering the default password.

Again, this will only work for new users that have not activated their accounts, previously.

To check the login status of user accounts, open the admin of the website and open the Attendees menu.  Check the status column, as indicated in the image below.


If the status is "Unactivated," the default password will work (remember, the user must be loaded after the default password is set in the admin, as stated above).

If the status is "Normal," the user account has already been activated, and will require the user-set password, or a manual password reset, upon login.

If the default password was set after users were loaded, contact your project manager to figure out options for assigning the default password to users who have never logged in.

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