The Zerista Platform was recently redesigned to include the Launchpad, our new task management system. It is an intuitive, digital space for our clients and our team to track the progress of all major tasks that go into setting up an app.

Log in to the admin of a conference website to open the Launchpad. It is indicated by a rocket icon on the sidebar menu.

Gone are the days of updating a spreadsheet or emailing the team for a status update. Update a project's status, instantly, by clicking on a task and selecting one of the following statuses from the resulting drop down menu (see image below):
  • New
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Declined
  • Not Applicable
Click "Update Status," when finished.
Only see what's important to you! Prioritize by using the drop down menu near the upper right to filter what tasks you see on the Launchpad, based on their status.
When launch date approaches, you'll be glad we added the Launchpad.
Click here to watch our brief overview of the Launchpad!
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