Add Custom Content to Menus

This article will explain how to set up an existing custom content page as a menu item for the desktop and mobile interfaces. Please click here if you need to create a custom content page.

First, log in to the admin and open the Page Content tab (see image, below). 

Click "Preview" to confirm that your page looks nice and works properly. Take note of the page_id in the URL (e.g. You will need this number in order to set parameters for the new menu item.

Now, we'll add the page to the desktop.

Go to Appearance>Menus and select "Desktop" from the drop-down, as indicated in the image below.

To add a new menu item, right-click on any menu item and click "Add." A new menu item will appear.


Left-click and drag the menu item to change its position. 

To complete the menu setup you will need to fill in the fields for Action Type, 


Page_View Setup

  • Action Type - PAGE_VIEW
  • I18n key -<#> - <page_title> (e.g. - Conference Survey)
  • Target method - target_current
  • Parameters - {"page_id":<#>} Insert the page_id we mentioned, earlier.

It should look like this:

Link_View Setup

  • Action Type - Link_View
  • I18n key - (page number) example - Q&A
  • Target method - target_link[]
  • Parameters - {"uri":""}

It should look like this:

 When you are done, remember to click "Save" at the top of the page.

Refresh the page to make sure the menu item was saved correctly, check to see that it's working properly on the front end, and then you're done! Now all you have to do is add the item to the app's mobile menus...

Thankfully, the process is exactly the same! Simply select "Mobile" from the drop down, and add it the same way that you added it to the desktop. It's almost as simple as copy and paste.

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