Maps - Create a Map

To create a new map, first open Maps>List in your site's admin portal, then click the Create Map button.

You will be taken to a page that looks like this:


From this Create Map page, give your map a name, then choose a map type.


Map Types

Venue - Associated with the Agenda, these maps are for session and attendee-meeting locations. 

Exhibitor - On this map, you can indicate where the exhibitor/sponsor booths/stands are located.

Poster - If you are using posters at the conference you'll be able to show their locations on a poster map.

Local Guide - This is typically a street/area map, displaying the location of the venue.

Next, you will choose a base layer.


Base Layers

Outdoor Map - an interactive world map, ideal for the Local Guide map type. Great for tagging the venue's location and nearby hotels and attractions!

Indoor Map (by Micello) - we use Micello's services to create an interactive map for you. Once requested, we'll set this up for you.

Indoor Map (custom) - similar to the Indoor Micello map, but instead is a direct upload of the map in PDF format; you can tag this map yourself and change it easily at any time! 

If your PDF maps have branding on them:

  • PDF maps MUST be saved in RGB format, CMYK will present any branding (color) incorrectly.
  • Ensure you use a square (1x1 aspect ratio) artboard when designing your maps to avoid unnecessary white space.

Follow the steps below to upload a custom indoor map:

  1. Choose the file you would like to upload (Please remember that it needs to be a PDF file)
  2. Change the Zoom Level to 3. This ensures you are able to see the locations clearly when editing. You can have a higher zoom level but this should only be used if zoom level 3 is not adequate to view the locations.  
  3. Click Save.


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