Poster - Groups - Overview

Groups are a great way to categorize Posters so Attendees can find all posters that fall into a related set. Please keep in mind that a poster can only be a part of one group at a time. 

To create Groups, open Posters>Groups in admin.


There are three columns you can fill out.  

  • Name - Name of the Group
  • Color - If you want to color code the Group, click on the color and move the plus sign around until you find your preferred color. This will only be visible in admin.
  • Column - Order of the Groups. The "-1" is used if there are permissions applied to groups and attendees can only see the groups they are assigned to. The -1 allows attendees in all groups to see the associated posters. 

You can use Groups as a way to segment different poster categories or fields of study. You can also use permissions to make it so specified groups are exclusive to certain attendee types. 

Once groups have been created, you can assign the poster either by listing it in the csv file in the Group column when you import, or by selecting the Group when you manually create or update a poster. You can also work with the integration specialist if you are integrating Posters into your site and would like to have the Groups carry over.

Please note that once groups exist, you will be required to select one for each poster loaded.


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