Posters - Interest Tags - Overview

Interest tags are a great way for attendees to find Posters that match their interests instead of scrolling through the entire list. Attendees are also able to filter the Poster listing based on the interests as well. 

To create interest tags, go to the Admin>Posters>Tags 


Input the tags you want by either separating them by commas or by new lines. Then click Add. You can create tag categories by entering the "parent" category as a single entry, and then "parent>child", as shown in the image below. 

NOTE: Sometimes tags will be labeled with a comma so it could be a single tag labeled "Snap, Crackle and Pop". The system will still read it as two separate tags because of the comma. If you want a single tag to have multiple words, instead of separating it with a comma, use a "&" or the word and or just leave a space. 

Once interests have been created, you should assign the same interest tags to the Attendee interests page so users will automatically be recommended to visit matching Posters. 

You can also work with the integration specialist if you are integrating sessions into your site and would like to also have the tags carry over.

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