Poster Detail/Update Page - Overview

From the Admin>Posters>List page you are able to click on each Posters title and make edits to each Poster individually. 


You are able to edit the Poster Title, Institution (sometimes utilized for the Poster Author), Description, Tags, Locations (from the Location drop-down), and Groups. 

You are also able to link Posters to Sessions, add Collateral to a Poster, and set Permissions on individual Posters.

In order to Link a Poster to an Agenda Session, click on "Sessions" at the top of the page.


In the dropdown you are able to select which Session you want to assign the Poster to. You can assign a single Poster to multiple Sessions.

You can attach Collateral to Posters (documents, photos, etc).


If you are interested in adding Permissions to your Posters, please reach out to your Project Manager! 

Once you make your edits, don't for get to "Submit" at the bottom of the page! 

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