Export QR Codes - Attendee - Overview

QR codes can be printed on badges for everyone attending a conference (Exhibitors, Attendees, Speakers and Moderators) and are great way for attendees to scan each other to save their information (like exchanging business cards) or if the exhibitors are using the leads app, they can quickly scan attendees and contact them at a later date. 

It's very easy to get the QR codes and make them ready for printing. Just go to the admin part of the site, and hover of the Attendee tab on the left. 

Select "Export QR Codes" 


After you've clicked Export QR Codes, you will get a note at the top saying your QR codes are being generated. 

You will then receive an email a few minutes later in your inbox with a zip file that has a pdf of each QR code. You can shrink those QR codes to fit on badges. 


PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to test the QR codes with the app scanner before printing to make sure the QR code matches with the correct attendee. 

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