Attendee List - Actions - Overview

As a moderator, you have the ability to perform an array of actions concerning user accounts from the attendees list. To access the list, log in to your site and access the admin page, then go to Attendees>List.

In the column to the left of the user's status you'll see a button with three dots (as shown in the screenshot below). Upon clicking on it, a box with available actions will open.



Edit Account

Sometimes an attendee might need to change the email on their profile. For example, we have their work email in the system, but they have their personal phone (w/ their personal email) at the conference or maybe their account has their name misspelled. To change this:

  1. Update the user’s name and/or email address
  2. Click Save


Edit Notifications

As a moderator, you can edit notification preferences (email and push notifications) for your attendees. Upon clicking on Edit Notifications, a list of notifications opens up and you'll be able to select/unselect the various notifications.


Edit Profile

Users can make changes to their general and contact info, interests/tags and web links, and so can you, as a moderator. In order to do so, click Edit Profile from the actions menu, make the necessary changes and click Save when finished.


Force Invite

This action allows you to trigger an invitation email/sms for the user to reset their password and access the system.  Force invite negates the 48 time stamp to remind a user so please use this with caution!

Membership Actions

Upon clicking into Membership Actions you'll be able to see a list of actions done to the user's account by themselves or other users and moderators pertaining to the users status.  You can see their creation date and then a log of their invitations, reminders, and eventual activation of the account.


Reset Password

If a user is unable to log in to the site, here is how you help them out:

  1. Click Reset Password
  2. A window will pop up where you can reset the user's password
  3. Set their password and click Save
  4. Be sure to let them know what you set their password to (the system will not send them an email with password info)


Send Message

You can message users from the site. Depending on notification settings, the user will receive the message on their app (if downloaded) and/or via email.


Switch to User

As a moderator, you can switch to any user's account in the attendees list. If a user needs help with their account or a setting needs to be tested, the quickest way to do that is to switch over to their user account. Once you switch to the user's account, you'll be brought to the front end of the site. Don't forget to switch back to your own account once you're done by clicking the dropdown and selecting your name in the upper right hand corner. Note that anything you do while logged in as that user will be exactly as if they had actually performed those actions. 



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