Attendees List - Reset Default Password for Unactivated Users

We have the option to set a default password for all users. Users can use the default password to sign in if they have not activated their account yet. For this reason, it is recommended to set the default password before users are loaded into the site. If you've loaded users into the site before creating a default password, you'll want to reset the password for all unactivated users so that the default password works for them.

In order to reset the password for unactivated users, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the admin side of the site
  2. Open Settings>Scripts
  3. Click Assign Default Password
  4. Select the relevant settings 


Now all unactivated users should be able to use the default password.

Note: Use the 'Assign to all users that have never logged into this conference' setting with caution.  Running this password script will change the password for all users in your database.  Zerista uses a global profile setup so each user has the same password for any Zerista conference.  When this is executed you will change their password for other conferences as well, which can lead to confusion and bad user experiences. 


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