How to Access Session Collateral

Users of the app can access collateral of sessions easily through out the app. To access collateral, start off by logging in to the app or website. Once logged in, click on the agenda tab and scroll through some of the sessions. Users will see a paperclip icon over the Agenda icon image. This paperclip icon indicates that this session has collateral. 


Collateral will display just above the description of the session. Users can click here and view the collateral that is provided for that specific session. Please note: Sometimes, Collateral is up to speakers discretion to add to their session. Some sessions will not have collateral attached to it. 



My Library: 

Users also can the My Library in the side bar of the website or underneath My Event on the app. The my Library page displays any collateral to sessions that have been added to your schedule. Users can view all collateral from the sessions they have selected and can download the presentations from here.


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