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Edit a company's role editor list from the Exhibitor>List  menu of the admin portal of your Zerista website! From this page, click on a company's title to view and edit that particular entity's information. By default, we go to Edit Company Profile, but from the top submenu, we can see "Role Editor" as well. 

Role Editor allows you add or remove contacts to a company. Contacts are representatives of the company who have access to edit the company profile from the front end. While an exhibiting company may have 4 representatives at their booth, perhaps only 2 are allowed to manage the company profile and collateral. For those who have purchased Leads, Contacts are the individuals per company who are participating in scanning.

Start typing a name or email address to associate a new contact to the company and click "Add". Use the check boxes and the "Delete" button if any one should be removed from access.


There are three contact roles to choose from:

  • On-site editor 
    • Can edit the company profile, and will also be on site at the event. 
    • Listed as a contact and receives emails and notifications
  • Off-site editor 
    • Can edit the company profile, but will NOT be on site at the event. 
    • Not listed as a contact and does receive emails and notifications.
  • Viewer 
    • Can view the profile and scan leads, but cannot edit the company profile. 



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