Agenda List - Overview

Log in to the admin of your website, then click the Agenda tab. In the submenu, the top selection is List. This is the default page you will go to if you just click on Agenda. 


You are able to see all the sessions you have added thus far. On this page you are able to search sessions, delete sessions, set permissions (reserved usually for BA's), download session QR codes, and select a session to edit that particular session.

You can search sessions, filling in your search criteria and select "Search".

You can delete sessions by selecting the tick box next to the session name, then hit "delete".  

To get a QR code, select the PDF or SVG of that particular session. 

To edit a particular session, select the name of the session and you will be able to edit information for that particular session. 

Permissions should be discussed between the Project Manager and the client. Once agreed upon, the Project Manager and the BA should go through the permissions and the BA will set up all permissions surrounding the agenda. 

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