Attendee Detail Page - Overview

You can access details to an attendee by clicking into their user. To do so, go to Admin - Attendees - List - and click into the number next to a users name. See a preview of an attendee's detail page here:


Switch to User

If a user needs support in adding items to their schedule or personalizing their site, you can login as that user without having to ask for their password.

Once logged into admin page, search for the attendee you want to log in as and then click their user ID number. 


From there you'll be directed to their profile where you can switch to that user. Once you switch to user you'll be directed to the front end of the site. 

*Note: if you are attempting to switch to an "Unactivated" user, you will be forced to activate that user's account and set the user's password. It's generally good practice to avoid switching to an unactivated user's account to avoid issues.

Don't forget to switch back to yourself after you're done by clicking the name in the upper right hand corner and selecting your name from the list!


Our system will lock a user out of their account if they've unsuccessfully tried to log in to their account 10+ times. In order to unlock them, find that user, click into the profile details, and click "unlock"



From a specific attendee's detail page, click "collateral" on the left hand side.


From here, you can upload attendee collateral - anything from a document to a youtube video.


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