Check Ins - Export QR Codes

The Check-in feature utilizes QR code scanning technology to make check-ins easy for the end-user. When check-ins are active, the system creates a new QR code for each session that is only used for the check-in system. You may notice that all session have a QR code that can be associated with the general session entry, however this is not the same code as the check-in session code. To get a printable list of all the session check-in QR codes, you must navigate to the Check Ins page under Engage and then click on the "Export QR Codes" button. This button will prompt the system to compile all your session check-in QR codes and then it will email them to you in a .zip file and will indicate success via a green notification bar as below:

Note: Please check with your Zerista rep that the QR code scanner is active in your app for scanning these QR codes.

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