Posts - Overview

The Posts menu (Admin>Engage>Posts) houses all of the content from the Posts/Social Stream/Chatter from your app and website. This is where you can edit, delete inappropriate, or non-relevant posts. You can view the Name of the individual that made the post, the type of post (Twitter, Status means it was created in the app/website, etc), and the date/time the post was made.  You can select the different types of posts in the left hand pane to see just that type

Reported abuse - posts reported by other users as inappropriate

Comments - comments on status and twitter posts

Note - Zerista leads app notes

Sponsored - disregard this menu is does not currently work

Status -  general post created in the activity feed

Topic - a type of post stemming from the conversation portal on the website

Twitter - any post pulled into the system via a twitter handle or a hash tag


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