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It is important to configure your site's email settings with your own personal brand to limit user-attendee confusion. Moderator users can change the "From Name" and request that a whitelabel url be set up with our sendgrid database to customize the "From Email." 

To access a site's email settings, open the admin and navigate to Engage>Email. If no email settings exist (see below), click "Create Settings" to generate the default setup.


Once your email settings have been created, the "From Name" field will populate automatically with the conference name of the site (located in Settings>Conference, but this field can be changed at any time by moderators. 


Generally, you will not need to visit this page again once the "From Name" has been determined. Again, please let your Zerista project manager know if you would like to set up a whitelabel url, and customize the "From Email" field (additional charges may apply).


From Name: This is the name that will appear associated with emails sent out of your admin portal, website, and native apps. The default name is the Conference Name entered in Settings>Start Up or Settings>Conference.

From Email: This will always be '' unless a personal Sendgrid Email Whitelabel has been purchased as an additional feature.*

Sendgrid account: This will only be visible to you if a Sendgrid whitelabel has been purchased as an additional feature.*

 "Update Account" will save any changes you make here, such as the "From Name" if you wish to change is from the name of your conference.

"Reset Password" is relevant only to Zerista employees - do not click this without the instruction of your Zerista representative.

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