Actions - Log

This is a breakdown of the columns and their meaning in the Actions Log. For general information on the Actions Log, please review Actions - Overview.


Definition by Column: 

 ID—a unique number indicator to help you find a specific action. Click to view further details on a specific action.

From—the user that conducted the action.

Action Type—the action conducted.

Target—the user action affected by the action (if applicable).

Time—when the action took place, by date and time. 

Delivery State—indicates whether the action was effectively delivered, or not. If the action was not delivered, then it is likely some sort of error prevented it from happening. 

Delivery Time—also an indicator of whether an action did or did not take place. If the delivery time is empty, it means that an action did not occur. Sometimes an action will be delayed on the front end of the app and/or website, so this is a good way to see if an action was delivered if its effects are not yet visible. 







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