Admin Page Basics

Accessing the admin page for any Zerista website is as simple as adding /admin to your website url. (Ex. By default when you first load up the admin page you are brought to the Attendees menu as seen in the screenshot below. 

Our admin page is organized by a list of icons on the left hand side of the screen. When one hovers over one of these icons, the menu system will expand outward from the left to show you the name of each menu item as well as a section to view all of the sub-menus under that main menu item. 

Note* - Admin privileges are typically restricted to moderators and super-admins. Any other user will be met with an error when attempting to access this page. 


Basic Features:

1 - Admin Page Icon: Clicking on this icon will bring you to the front-end of your website. (ie: This icon can be changed by expanding the menu system and clicking on the "Change Icon" link. See below:


2 - Conference page links: In this grey square you'll notice the names of your conference and any parent conferences that your conference are a part of. Each of links is clickable and will bring you to the admin page for the conference or parent conference you click on. 

3 - Logout Button: Clicking on this button will log you out of your Zerista user account. 

4 - Help Button: This opens a pop-up box in the lower left corner that allows one to submit a help request to our Zendesk support queue. One of our Zerista representatives should respond to these help requests within 24 hours. For admin related issues you will likely be best served by contacting your Zerista Project Manager.

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