How to Update a Game Achievement

This post covers how to update the achievements and leaderboard from the back end of the admin system.

The first thing to do is log in to the admin website of your conference — for example

Once logged in click Gamification on the left-hand side.

Click and open up the game you have created.

Once the page refreshes you will see menus at the top to select from. Click on the Achievements menu.

The page will refresh and display the list of your achievements. Next click one of the achievements.

You will now be taken to a new page where you can update the achievement.

This section allows you to do the following:

  • Achievement Type - Change the type of achievement by selecting the type in the drop-down menu.
  • Name - Rename what you call your achievement - this should make it clear what needs to be done to get the points.
  • Start Date - Set the start date when you would like this achievement to be available.
  • Finish Date - Create the end of date when you would like this achievement to no longer be available.
  • Start Time - Set the start time for when you would like this achievement to run.
  • Finish Time - Set the end time for when you would like this achievement to end.
  • Points - How many points would you like to give for this achievement.

Once you are happy with your changes click the Save button.

The page will then refresh and take you back to your list of achievements.

At the top of the page, you will see a message displayed which says "Updated Achievement Successfully". This means everything was saved correctly and your all set.

If you edit an achievement while a game is active, please see our help guide on recalculating the leaderboard to update points for game participants.  


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