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Before running the Scheduler, you'll want to make sure that Recommendations and Rules are set up. Be careful that you do not run the scheduler more than once per event. If you run into an issue, contact your Zerista Project Manager.


Open Schedules>Scheduler in the admin portal of your website.

In the Propose section, you'll choose which membership types we’ll be creating meetings for. The options are exhibitor to attendee meetings, attendee to attendee meetings, or attendee to exhibitor meetings. The difference between the first and last type is whether or not you place more weight on the attendees preferences (attendee to exhibitor) or equal preference on the exhibitor and attendee preferences. Only choose one, and click on the white space in the box to make proposals. 

In the Rank section, you'll prioritize the proposed meetings using sponsorship of the company involved in the meeting, or by using the preference of the organizer of the meeting and the participant of the meeting. Only choose one, and click on the white space in the box to rank the proposals. 

In the Schedule All section, we're taking the proposed & ranked meetings and actually putting them on the schedule during the allowed times setup in the rules section. Only click this once, and click on the white space in the box to make the scheduler run. You'll need to wait a bit for the scheduler to run depending on how many meetings you are trying to schedule. You'll know when it is complete when the three numbers in PROPOSE, RANK, and SCHEDULE ALL match.


Underneath the scheduler section, you'll see full details on each of the proposed meetings, how they were ranked, and whether or not they have been scheduled.

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