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To view company or individual meetings, log in to your admin and click "Schedules." By default this screen will show you a list of Exhibitors and their currently booked meetings:


You can click on any of the numbers to see more information. "Proposed" will show you meetings that a company has requests that have not been responded to yet. "Limit" will show you if there is a limit to the number of meetings this company can book. "Meetings" will show you meetings currently booked and confirmed by at least two parties. Agenda is the number of sessions on their agenda. 

You can switch from companies/exhibitors to individuals using the menu next to "Exhibitors" to select a membership type to view.


You'll see the same screen as the companies with a list of attendees in that membership type. 


View and Reschedule a Meeting

Click the large blue number of meetings next to an individual to see their booked meetings. 


Click on the name of the meeting to add additional users or edit the meeting time or location. You can drag the time block or click on the time itself to move a meeting. 


To add an additional attendee, type their name into the "invite another person" box under your current attendees.


Click on the correct attendee in the drop down to add them to the meeting. From grid view, you can see when an attendee is already booked with a yellow block that says either "confirmed" (a meeting) or "unavailable" (booked for a session at that time or have marked themselves as unavailable during that time slot).




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